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Mern app Development Course in Coimbatore

Mern stack is a collection of technology used for the rapid development of applications. It is widely…

Mern stack is a collection of technology used for the rapid development of applications. It is widely used by many developers across the world. The main goal of using MERN stack is to develop applications using javascript technology. This is the combination of four popular technology that are MongoDB, express.js,react,node.js


MongoDB is used to store the collection of data. It is a document based database. It stores data in the JSON format which is known as bson. In MongoDB, each record is treated as a document which data structure is like key-value pair.


Express.js is often referred to as Express. Its a web application framework mainly used for node.js.Express.js is often used to build server side applications and APIs. Express.js handles routing, middleware, request/response handling, error handling, static file serving, RESTful API development, scalability, active community.


React is an open source framework developed by Facebook. It is a front-end framework specially designed to work with Java script libraries. It makes the work of developers easy by enabling the reusability of UI components and also managing the dynamic data rendering. React is very suitable for developing interactive and responsive front-end interfaces.


Nodejs is one of the open-source, server side javascript environments. It gives access to the programmers to develop and run the javascript code on the server side. Node js is used to build scalable applications by allowing server-side scripting and networking. Some of the key features of node js are asynchronous and nonblocking, single thread, NPM, server-side development, real-time applications, streaming, cross-platform, microservices, serverless computing, community and modules.


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